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Tuesday, June 06, 2023
Incentives  Humanitarian
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General considerations

Today more than ever before, an ideal humanitarian involvment is a must for everyone, private individuals, volunteers, businesses, associations, international organizations and multilateral fund providers, for the promotion of a more humane world and the preservation of our common ground inheritance.

Indeed, stark differences in the sociocultural indicators of many countries, are combined with local problems to face the acute consequences of climatic disturbances which harm Man well-being and the protection of our planet.

The globalization of  information makes us live, every day, in live, the distress, the misfortunes and the difficulties of many people suffering from natural disasters, conflicts and acts of terrorism, harsh poverty, lack of education, disease, deprived children,  technological deficiency, the aftereffects of  underdevelopment, etc…

From then on, humanitarian actions, motivated by the love of the mankind, empathy, a sense of solidarity and sharing, even responsibility, can be taken in emergency terms of contribution or cooperation. The heart of the matter, is a problem of the implementation, efficiency and monitoring of these actions and operations with local partnership. The well understood tourism, a tourism of unity gives, an answer based on understanding relationships between people, with enrichment and mutual respect, as well as on the promotion of peace between Nations.

In the case of our country, Senegal, our " incentive humanitarian " products offer to companies and international organizations, a range of operating fields which can strengthen, their success, their strategic location as well as the management policies of their human resources. In  this framework, the impact valuing participants connects them in this " knot of relationships ", in this " love of the Mankind" which gives its full value life.